The product management suite that communicates your product for you

AI-driven product management that transforms technical data into beautiful shareable content, ensuring go-to-market teams stay informed and aligned.

The product management tool that eliminates PM grunt work.  

One-click release notes and auto-generated presentations, and that's just the start....

Get your time back
Time-consuming product releases are now in the past. Automate idea prioritization, roadmap creation, and task management so you can get to the things you really want to do
Automate your work
Align your go-to-market teams
67% of work isn’t aligned with company strategy. With the product management tool that includes automated communication, your go-to-market team always has relevant product information at their fingertips.
Align your GTM teams
Go to market
Successful go-to-market
Manual roadmap maintenance is a headache for everyone involved with feature releases, and post-launch measurement too often takes a backseat. Now, automations build product presentations, write release notes, develop launch plans, and measure the success of your product once it's in the market. Cross-team go-to-market success is practically a guarantee.
Impress your customers
Strategic alignment and comms
Alignwith is the new tool in strategic alignment.
We combine product lifecycle management, strategic planning  and release management into one platform and contextualize product and strategy information into a new format - presentations that everyone can understand.
On top of that, we give you nifty automations, powerful AI features and integrations, so you can say goodbye to reactive building, silos and unmotivated, overworked teams and hello to your organization leaning in the same direction.
Alignwith communicates the strategy you set so that everyone can see how their work plays part and how they can contribute.
Product Management
Get your time back
We are far more than a product management tool.
We give PMs all they need to manage product lifecycle - from roadmapping, through releases to discovery while making  product enablement happen a-sync through beautiful presentations.
We eliminate the need for over-communication and endless meetings thanks to our nifty automations and AI.
In a nutshell, we save you time and align stakeholders for you, without overwhelming them so you can do more of the things you want to do.
Product marketing
Successful Go-to-market
Alignwith is more than a product knowledge base tool - we give Product Marketing Managers everything they need to craft  successful go-to-market campaigns.
First, we keep you close to the product by giving you simple, clear and accessible information without the need to look for a needle and a haystack.
Then, we translate this information automatically for any audience - be it sales or customers so that everyone can understand what’s going on with product and why.
With less manual work and ‘cat herding’ you can be the strategist you always aspired to be.

PMs, feel like a lone wolf? Bring the pack together

With Alignwith, I know exactly what is being released, why it's being built, and when it will go live which lets me craft effective strategy for my big launches.

Nicole Roux, Customer Support Manager

Align GTM teams and eliminate PM grunt work!

Freeing PMs to focus on growth…not presentations.

30 Day Free Trial, Starting at $80/m per editor and unlimited viewer accounts

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?

Alignwith offers a 30-day free trial to get started. Pricing starts at $80/month per editor seat, and includes unlimited viewer seats so your team can see for themselves how much better life without static slide decks and overwhelming Kanban boards can be.

Is Alignwith only for product managers?

Goodness, no! While product managers and product leadership set the product strategy, leadership, and GTM, marketing, support, sales, customer-facing teams, and even customers benefit from engaging non-technical roadmaps that explain what is being built and why so everyone feels aligned.

How does Alignwith track metrics?

The last thing you want it another place to manually track metrics. Using integrations, Alignwith will update the metrics you choose to track, at the frequency you set, all automatically.

Who can see product presentations?

To view a presentation, you must have viewer seat. Anyone with an account can view presentations. Only editors can change view settings on presentations.

Is Alignwith secure?

Yes. We'll never use your data to train AI and our team is experienced working in scalability and security, including  HIPAA and SOC2 requirements.

How hard is it to get started with Alignwith?

We provide onboarding training and can handle data imports for you at no cost. Alignwith automates and does more than your current system, and our UX is easier to navigate than traditional product management platforms. We think you'll be delighted!  

Does Alignwith import my data?

Yes! Reach out to our support team when you sign up with a paid plan to learn more.

How do I contact support?

Click on "support" in the app or email us at

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